The answer is yes. CBD can only help you, and cannot harm you. The compound works by interacting with the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS), the system in the body responsible for promoting and maintaining homeostasis.

The ECS regulates everything in our bodies from sleep, mood, memory, digestion, immune function, neural development, and metabolism. This is the reason CBD is able to help so many different symptoms that we experience daily.Even if you are in the best shape of your life, have no physical ailments and live a generally low-stress life, you can still benefit from CBD.

CBD’s potency can depend on your body weight, among other different variables. These factors can influence your CBD intake and the appropriate dosage. If you take CBD and don’t feel a difference, it doesn’t mean that the CBD isn’t working. 

It could just mean that you need a higher dose, or that your body is in great shape; in this case, the CBD will work as a preventative measure rather than fixing an issue.

A key component of cannabis’ health-focused attributes, CBD has been attributed with reducing nausea and suppressing seizures and also has anti-psychotic, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-depressant and anti-inflammatory properties.

“The World Health Organization recently reported that CBD should not be scheduled as a controlled substance as it does not appear to have abuse potential or the ability to cause harm

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