The Benefits Of CBD With Daily Use From Dr. Josh Axe

This video explains some of the benefits you may find when taking CBD daily. As CBD is in it’s early stages of medical research, no medicinal benefits can yet be claimed by those who produce and sell CBD. There are many consumers that claim CBD can help with a wide range of issues from pain relief, anxiety and even help skin conditions. We recommend that any one considering taking CBD should do some research and see for themselves the long list of benefits many swear by.

Credits to Dr Josh Axe – Benefits of CBD

How CBD Actually Works

Unlike THC, CBD is not known to directly act upon CB1 and CB2 receptors. Rather, it is believed to influence receptor action by indirectly associating with behavioural neurotransmitters.

As a plant-based phytocannabinoid substance, CBD’s main role is believed to be in supporting the body’s endogenous (endocannabinoid) system, which is an innate molecular network that (amongst other things) helps to regulate various elements in the body.

Also, CBD is widely known to act on FAAH enzymes, which readily inhibit the function of CB1. For this reason, CBD is recognised as a powerful component able to reduce the psychoactive effects induced by THC.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) CBD is generally regarded as being safe and well-tolerated. In a general sense, it is also routinely used by healthy individuals to help provide the body with a state of balance and homeostasis.

CBD is known to interact with and mimic the effects of naturally-occurring receptors inside the body. These receptors have been found on essentially every cell type in the human body, which helps to explain the seemingly endless capabilities that the plant-based cannabinoid possesses.

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