When parents think about the use of CBD for their kids, they automatically reject the idea thinking their child is taking ‘drugs’ or getting ‘high’. This is simply not the case, CBD is only one of many compounds that are found in the cannabis plant.

Something that is already known is that children first come into contact with cannabinoids immediately after being born. They receive them via their mother’s milk and they are therefore of vital importance for survival.

Cannabinoids have a key role in establishing the working of our bodies and balancing bodily functions such as sleep, memory, appetite, and mood, among others.

If we use a simile, it could be said that cannabinoids are our bodies’ ‘conductor’. They take care of communication between cells, and help maintain the body’s balance.

Thanks to the role of cannabinoids, immediately after birth babies are already able to perceive the needs (hunger, sleep…) that are essential for their survival.

Not only is CBD safe, it’s safer than a lot of things on the high street that your child will take at some point in their lives including paracetamol.

CBD and autism

Autism is a complex disorder that affects most areas of development and prevents children from progressing and developing in the way that these processes take place in neurotypical children.

It mainly manifests itself as changed behaviour in the area of social interaction, and verbal and non-verbal communication. It encompasses a wide spectre of disorders of varying forms.

Researchers in the area of CBD cannabinoids and autism have come up with findings that indicate that the use of cannabinoids can help to alleviate the condition. They found a connection between autism and the cannabinoid receptor CB2, which is located in the endocannabinoid system and which provides great hope in the continued treatment of the syndrome.

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