CBD Muscle Recovery: Have you ever been in the middle of a workout, run, swim, or hike and realized how badly your muscles were going to hurt the next day — or three? 

Some people prefer to take different pills to prevent it from happening. No doubt, there are medications and supplements that are able to relieve pain, but are you sure they are harmless?

We are happy to tell you that you have another option. A lot of people that had either examined CBD in labs or people that picked up CBD infused products and gave them a try, belief in genuinely amazing properties of CBD.

There are several pieces of evidence that CBD influences suppressing cytokine, chemokine, and T-regulatory cell production, which in turn affects the acceleration of the recovery process.

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What Causes Muscle Pain?

While working out when you exert pressure on your muscles, there is microscopic damage to millions of tiny proteins that form your cells. This leads to inflammation and causes pain. This is referred to as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), and it occurs the next day after a workout. Further, we have elaborated on how to speed up muscle recovery using CBD.

CBD relaxes muscle tissue 

CBD may relieve acute pain in the muscles

CBD reduces inflammation

CBD improves sleep quality 

CBD may enhance satellite cell differentiation in the muscles 

CBD may support protein synthesis by reducing cortisol levels

There are different ways in which CBD can be consumed or used for medicinal benefits and this has been modulated into numerous forms. Some of these forms include;

Smoked or Vaped; possibly the most common mode of using cannabis around though health effects on the lungs with respect to fumes has to be considered as well.

Consumables; CBD has been incorporated into edibles that can easily be taken and consumed without the health risks associated with smoking or vaping.

Topically; lotions, oils, creams, and ointments containing CBD are easily applied topically on the site of stress and inflammation to account for local relief from pain.

Supplements; CBD has also been incorporated into tinctures and capsules that can easily be used the way normal medical supplements are taken to further promote health balance.

We hope that this article was able to help you clarify the effectiveness of CBD for muscle recovery. If you are wondering how to take CBD oil, then the dosage of cannabis varies from one person to the other. Therefore, consult a doctor or certified medical professional to find out what the right dosage is for you.

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