CBD Lab Results

Here at Bunce & Bloom we want our customers to be confident in the product they are buying. One way is to be able to see what exactly is in our products, below you will be able to download all our latest CBD Lab Results that are 3rd party certificates of analysis (COA) and these reveal exactly what is in the product.

This is important so that you can see the product contains the correct amount of CBD stated on the label and that it contains lower than the legal requirement THC (The intoxicating compound) and abides by UK legislation. These reports are essential and you should never buy without seeing one.

CBD third-party lab reports are basically a means to provide an unbiased verification of what’s actually in the product that you’re buying. There have been CBD companies in years past who have received warning letters from the MHRA /FDA for advertising “CBD” products that were randomly tested to contain practically nothing but hemp oil. When news came of this, it prompted both consumers and the “real” manufacturers alike to demand intensified transparency in terms of what’s actually in the product being sold. This is where the third-party labs come in.

CBD third-party lab reports are pretty straightforward and simple to read as long as you know the compounds that you should be looking for ie CBD, In addition to the CBD, for example, you may expect to find other cannabinoids like CBDA, CBN, CNC, CBG and THCA on your list. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the sample doesn’t contain any THC over 0.2% – especially if you have an impending drug test that you’re worried about passing.