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In this video DR ALEX discusses the truth behind the claims of CBD for dogs and gives his opinion of when you should consider using it.

There are lots of claims out there. CBD for dogs will cure cancer, stop seizures in dogs with epilepsy, eliminate pain due to arthritis as well as reverse dementia, senility and canine cognitive dysfunction. Can you believe these claims and should you be giving CBD oil to your dog?

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Still not convinced

Since the discovery of CBD in 1940 and the numerous health benefits it can offer, there has been an increased interest in how Hemp Oil can provide potential health benefits for humans and pets alike.

The ability of CBD oil to deliver a healthy dose of CBD that can interact with the cannabinoid receptors in dogs is highly commendable.

Living things, including dogs, depends on the proper functioning of the immune system to survive. CBD oil gives users a wonderful antimicrobial profile, which can inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, including candida.

The skin is rich with cannabinoid receptors that can interact with CBD to aid in the production of sleek, glossy, and healthy coat in dogs.

In fact, it can get rid of the peculiar pet odor and reduce the possibilities of allergic reactions in pets and pet owners.

CBD is very active in the provision of several health benefits, including brain health, digestive health, and healthy coat formation.

Notably, CBD is great for dogs battling osteoarthritis and other forms of chronic pain. 

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